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Synopsis for "Hit Parade of Death"Edit

A DJ murders his wife so that he can marry her sister. When he starts hearing ghostly voices on the records he plays threatening to kill him, he begins to suspect his new wife of plotting against him. He comes home early one evening to find his wife with a recording device, and though she tells him it was going to be a gift, he doesn't believe her and murders her. He returns to work, but now when he plays records he hears two threatening voices. He ends up going through the high rise window.

Appearing in "The Devil Has Two Faces"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Devil Has Two Faces"Edit

A girl moves into a cottage on the beach that is haunted by the evil of two dead twins who despise one another. They possess the girl's body in order to continue their war against each other. A hermit who lives further down the beach is contacted by the girl's father and he offers to exorcise her. The hermit succeeds in drawing out the two spirits and banishing them into a mystic mirror.


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