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A zombie who worships an Elder God finds itself reanimated after death but is puzzled as to the cause. The Elder God speaks to him about the pact they had. The shambling corpse remembers he had made a deal with the being to return after death for revenge if his brother and wife had murdered him. He thinks this must be the reason for his existence but the Elder God reveals that since he slew his brother and wife during the struggle, costing the Elder God followers he can scarce afford to lose, he has cast him out of the grave as undead for his vengeance, not the man's.

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Synopsis for "Exchange of Innocence"Edit

A man builds a time machine and returns to the past where he gets eaten by a dinosaur. In the man's place, a flying humanoid is brought back by the time machine into the modern city. The creature attempts to fly but the pollutants are an irritant so it lands in the park tree branches. It sees a happy playing dog and at first thinks to eat it, but the dog trusts it not to harm the animal, so the creature leaves it and walks into a trap set by police. It manages to shred the net and fly off, but is wounded. On the roof of a tenement a human sees the hurt creature and the creature attempts to establish trust with the man, but the man fires off both barrels of a shotgun sending the creature over the side to its death below on the street. As the creature dies it thinks that perhaps in a more civilized age trust will allow all beings to help those in need.



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