House of Raging Women
Cover of House of Raging Women
Publication information
Publisher Fantagraphics
Genre Alternative comics
Publication date September 1988
Creative team
Writer(s) Los Bros Hernandez
Artist(s) Los Bros Hernandez

House of Raging Women is the fifth album of the American comics series Love and Rockets written and drawn by Los Bros Hernandez, Gilbert and Jaime, and published in 1988.

The cover of the compilation is by Jaime Hernandez (Xaime), the back cover by Gilbert (Beto).


These stories are dated 1984-1988.

No. Title Author Pages Comments
1. La Tona Jaime Hernandez 1
2. The Little Monster Jaime 10
3. Queen Rena at 34 Jaime 8
4. A True Story Gilbert Hernandez 5
5. An American in Palomar Gilbert 24
6. Boys Will Be Boys Gilbert 6
7. Young Locas Jaime 3
8. Locas Jaime 10
9. Locas en las Cabezas Jaime 6
10. Locas at the Beach Jaime 8
11. House of Raging Women Jaime 14
12. Holidays in the Sun Gilbert 14
13. Love Bites Gilbert 11
14. The Adventures of Maggie the Mechanic Jaime 2
Cover gallery Gilbert and Jaime 5


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