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Synopsis for "A Fugitive Apparition"Edit

A cranky ghost in an old house makes friends with a young boy until the kid meets a girl and loses interest in the ghost.

Appearing in "A Connecticut Ice Cream Man in King Arthur's Court"Edit

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Synopsis for "A Connecticut Ice Cream Man in King Arthur's Court"Edit

An ice cream man finds himself transported to King Arthur's court by a thick fog and gets in Arthur's good graces by offering him ice cream. It doesn't take long before he thinks of dumping rat poison into the ice cream to polish off Arthur and his nobles and take over. Merlin overhears him scheming and goes to the king with the rat poison as proof. The king is in a quandary as he wishes to execute the ice cream man for treason but only he can provide ice cream to the banquet Arthur has promised his nobles. Merlin assures Arthur that he can provide the ice cream. Merlin confronts the ice cream man about his plot and casts a spell which transforms him into ice cream the nobles dine on at the banquet.


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