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Synopsis for "The Night of the Leopard Goddess"Edit

A hunter steals a ruby from a cult of the Leopard Goddess in India and in revenge a representative of the cult tracks him down and offers an even larger diamond in exchange for the ruby. The hunter agrees, and the diamond is shoved into his skull, killing him, just as he stole the ruby from the forehead of the Leopard Goddess statute.

Appearing in "Portraits of Death"Edit

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Synopsis for "Portraits of Death"Edit

A painter begins to paint pictures that foretell the future which frightens his model because she knows that she and his art dealer have been swindling him. The art dealer plots to kill the painter, and after it's done, the two of them return to the dead man's studio where the girl sees a painting that the man created before he was killed and she is depicted as having a knife protruding from her chest. She snatches a knife from the table with the intention of destroying the painting so it can't come true, but the art dealer attempts to warn her that it is an experimental painting being done on metal. The girl's slash rebounds off and she kills herself. The police arrive and they don't believe his protest of innocence. They lead him off and the last painting in the room shows him about to be beheaded by state justice.


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