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Synopsis for "The Harder They Fall"Edit

A bum dreams that he is a ruthless businessman on the way to a senate seat when he is betrayed by the beautiful girl he is in love with. He is relived that his recurring falling dreams are no longer possible with the realization that at Skid Row, he's got nowhere further to fall.

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Synopsis for "The Magic Elixir"Edit

A group of vampires con a con man who sells snake oil that they've got something better. They lead the man to a corpse and pour some of their elixir into him. He gets up and the con man offers to cut the vampires in on the profit. They tell him no and the con man gets greedy. He attacks one of the vampires and the vampire gives him directions as to where he can get their elixir. When the con man arrives he finds the vampire group there who admit to their deception before they drain his blood.

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This story is similar to "The Man Who Sold His Soul!" in Suspense 25


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