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Synopsis for "Love Me... Love My Demon!"Edit

A marsh-demon befriends a kid in an orphanage. When the aunt and uncle come for the boy, the marsh-demon exchanges appearances with him and tells him to hide in the closet. The adults take the marsh-demon back with them to their house.

Appearing in "Death Has Baby-Blue Eyes"Edit

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Synopsis for "Death Has Baby-Blue Eyes"Edit

A three-month old child observes his parent's murder. The killer approaches the crib and gets a good look at the child and the elephant necklace he wears. The killer leaves the kid alone as he thinks there's no way the kid could act as a witness against him. The years pass, and the child grows up to be a police officer. His parent's killer is still up to his criminal ways and the two run into each other after someone calls in a crime. After an exchange of gunfire, the killer falls to his death off a fire escape. The irony in the story is, as he lays dying, the officer's elephant chain reminds him of a past event years ago and he recognizes the officer. The officer doesn't recognize the dead man as his parent's killer.

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Synopsis for "Nightmare"Edit

Dracula has a recurring daymare about being staked.


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