Howard Chackowicz
Born 1969
Laval, Quebec
Occupation Artist
Spouse Isa Tousignant[1]

Howard Chackowicz (born 1969 in Laval, Quebec[2]) is a Montreal-based Canadian artist and musician well known for his contributions to the independent comic book scene. In addition to exhibiting his work internationally, Chackowicz has taught illustration at the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts and presently runs a Comix and Cartooning workshop for Drawn and Quarterly.[3][4] In 2000, Chackowicz was named one of the top 5 local cartoonists of the year by The Montreal Mirror.[5]

Published works

  • 1994: Howie Comic
  • 1996: Mini Capatalist Funnies / Chack'z
  • 1996: Mini Howie / Chack'z
  • 2008: Howie Action Comix (Conundrum Press)[6][7][8]

Other work

Chackowicz plays drums for two long-lived Montreal-based bands: The American Devices (1980)[9] and Nutsak (1996).[10] Chackowicz contributed to Against the Day, the 2009 debut release from the Sam Shalabi project Land of Kush.[11]

In 2001 Chackowicz had roles in the François Miron experimental film Resolving Power,[12] and in the short Sweat Angel by Montreal filmmaker Jon Tucker.[13]

Since 2004, Chackowicz has been a regular on CBC Radio One's comedy program WireTap.[14] His character is a child in a man's body, who often needs the help of host Jonathan Goldstein with various plans and schemes that never end well for Jonathan. He has appeared in several internet video shorts produced by the radio show.[15]

Chackowicz has also written restaurant reviews for the Hour and for enRoute magazine.[16][17]



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