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Synopsis for "The Incredible Hulk"Edit

The Hulk is struck by lightning in an electrical storm which plunges a town into darkness, and his body somehow holds the charge until it is discharged into a pair of criminals who have been taking advantage of the power outage.

Appearing in "The Black Knight"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Black Knight"Edit

On a mission for Merlyn, the Black Knight is distracted by a near collision with a military helicopter carrying blood supplies to a hospital in Cornwall. Meanwhile, Mordred schemes against him...

Appearing in "Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD"Edit

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Synopsis for "Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD"Edit

A mysterious foe infiltrates SHIELD's systems and a combat training session becomes deadly for Nick Fury.

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Synopsis for "Night Raven"Edit

Night Raven breaks up a meeting of underworld leaders with deadly force.


  • This issue also contains a reprint of the first Ant Man story.
    File:Hulk sticker album.jpg
  • The Black Knight's appearance here occurs before his permanent return from the 12th Century in Avengers Vol 1 225
  • A free Hulk sticker album (based on the live action TV show) was given away with this issue.


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