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Synopsis for "The Incredible Hulk"Edit

The Hulk recruits Scarabeus's monsters to use against the Monster Maker himself!

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Moondog and the Knight face the menace of Cormac, but the Knight severs the villain's right hand with Excalibur.

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Synopsis for "Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD"Edit

Nick and Annie destroy the Yellow Claw's computer complex and his android Bronze Men, but the Claw escapes seeming destruction yet again.

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Synopsis for "Night Raven"Edit

Dragonfire pays the ultimate price for failing Yi Yang.


  • This issue sees the conclusion of the Nick Fury series.
  • The Yellow Claw's status in this series is somewhat confused; it is implied in Hulk Comic #18 that he escaped his apparent death years before by having his brain transferred into The One, the computer which controls the Sept's operations. However, in this issue, following the computer's destruction, one of the Claw's android Bronze Men escapes, congratulating himself on fooling Fury into thinking the Yellow Claw would be stupid enough to leave himself an immobile brain. It is not clear if this is intended to be the (human) Yellow Claw in disguise or if he has actually transferred his mind into an android body. However, the next time he appears, he is fully human.
  • Also contains reprints of Ant Man, the Eternals and What If?


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