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Synopsis for "The Incredible Hulk"Edit

Banner escapes Scarabeus's island with Tisha, leaving the Monster Maker at the mercy of his own creations as Felix and Fangor desert him.

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  • White Rider

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  • Elves

Synopsis for "Captain Britain"Edit

Captain Britain faces death at the gates of Otherworld.

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Synopsis for "Night Raven"Edit

Night Raven confronts Yi Yang, and brands her forehead-and the villainess apparently commits suicide with a ceremonial dagger...


Two of the remaining three UK originated stories, Night Raven and the Hulk, conclude with this issue, to be replaced by US reprints in the next issue. This issue also includes US reprints of The Eternals, What If? and Ant Man. The UK originated Hulk strip returns in #26.


  • The Black Knight strip is replaced by a Captain Britain strip in this issue and the next.
  • This issue's cover is the first time Captain Britain's gloves are depicted as blue rather than red, apparently in error; as a result however, they are depicted as blue in many of his subsequent appearances in his original costume.

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