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Synopsis for "The Incredible Hulk"Edit

The Hulk takes on some train robbers.

Appearing in "The Black Knight"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Black Knight"Edit

With Captain Britain having left with Vortigen, the Knight battles Mordred's trolls, including the monstrous Gagol, alone. He defeats them, only to find that Old Sarah Mumford's cottage has been destroyed and her cat, Greymalkin, is sitting alone by a strange tree which was not there before (unbeknown to the Knight, this is the transformed Sarah, whom he assumes to be dead). The injured Valinor eats the one fruit growing on the dead tree and is instantly healed. The Knight departs, vowing to continue his quest 'for Sarah, for Merlyn, for Justice!'

Appearing in "Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD"Edit

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Synopsis for "Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD"Edit

Fury readies himself for action after the SEPT destroy SHIELD's Cairo office with a bomb.

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Synopsis for "Night Raven"Edit

Night Raven's battle with the Assassin continues.


  • The scene in this issue's Nick Fury story in which Fury is kitted out by the Gaffer is a deliberate homage to the scenes in the James Bond movies in which Bond would have his newest gadgets explained to him by Q.
  • Also contains reprints of Ant Man and the Eternals.


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