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The final confrontation between Doc Green & Red Hulk begins!

• The punching, kicking, thunder-clapping and even biting starts now!

• A surprise appearance from...Bruce Banner?

• Will Deadpool really betray Thunderbolt Ross for Doc Green?


Continuity Notes

  • Doc Green mocks the Red Hulk for his failures as follows:
    • Failing his daughter Betty Ross. Betty died of radiation poisoning back in Incredible Hulk #466, her body was put into stasis. Her body was recovered by the Intelligencia in Fall of the Hulks: Alpha #1, they then turned her into the Red She-Hulk as detailed in Incredible Hulk #610.
    • Ross betrayed his country to help the Inteligencia take over the United States, allowing them to turn him into the Red Hulk as detailed in Hulk Vol 2 #21. In order to keep his identity secret, Thaddeus faked his death using a Life Model Decoy in Fall of the Hulks: Gamma #1.


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