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Family Circus:

Easter Celebration:

Easter Celebrates:The Resurrection of Jesus Christ:

Who died on the wooden cross: traded for our sin's,

For everlasting life, He tells the nation to prolong your

life: until fraidle age. Live a Modest Humble Moral Life.

School is over: Billy, Dolly, and Jeffery came home from

school. To Honour the Lord: They set a Family, Cousin Relation

Fest: with Prayer, Honour of the last Supper meal.

Enjoyment Fun: children could not wait to go on an Easter Scavenger Hunt.

Every Holiday: Parents, and School set up for the children: To find Easter eggs.

Pair them in groups: searching through the community, Golden Plated Eggs,

not real. Their suppost to return them to the school when finish.

The Billy and Jeffery friend had an idea. To Trap the Easter Bunny when they

got home. The Problem: the wait took too long they let their imagination get

carried away. Sundown Dawn: they thought they could hear the Rabbit call them however

it was the Parent's call them for dinner. Meanwhile the Children were hiding, one of the

Parent's near the Resident Neighbourhood went in the woods by surprise got jumped by

the children. Good thing he was stronger than them and told his children "it is was time

to come home".

Dolly had an idea: To Set Little footballs in the backyard, to make P.J.

simple to find them. Their Mom thought it was a great idea: Tomorrow Morning

after School. Billy and Jeffery were sad they never got to catch the Easter Rabbit.

They were so sure they saw him.

Before the children went Sleep. Billy, and Jeffery

thought he saw Prying Eyes; the Easter Bunny

watching them outside the window.

Dolly: Deducted the Rabbit is too Agile:

Now you See him, and Now you Don't:

Hidden Underneath, Underground:

The Rabbit escape their clutches:

Not a Person could find him,

Leaving them traces of Clues:

To where he might be!