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The Ibistick is a resevoir of nearly unlimited power, and can produce any mystical effect that its caster can conceive of. Ibis once used the Ibistick to cover all of Fawcett City in a protective force field.

Four thousand years ago, an Egyptian craftsman created a mystical wand and gave it to his nephew, Prince Amentep. Dubbing the wand his Ibis-stick, Amentep used it to save the life of his beloved Princess Taia, who had been felled by a poisoned arrow, fired by a dark sorcerer known as the Black Pharaoh. Amentep knew that Taia required time to properly heal from her wounds, so he used the stick to place her into a state of suspended animation, and then cast the same spell upon himself.

In 1940, the wizard Shazam used his own power to awaken Amentep. He adopted the name Ibis the Invincible, and used the Ibistick to track down the sleeping Taia. He found her wrapped as a mummy in a museum several miles away. Ibis used the magic wand to awaken his love, and together they engaged in a series of occult related adventures throughout the United States of the 1940s.



  • Also spelled Ibis-stick and Ibis Stick.

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