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Quote1.png Terrible things are always happening. What now? Quote2.png
-- Herbert Jameson

Appearing in "Virtual Pets, Virtual Heck"Edit

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Other Characters:

  • Professor Snodgrass




Synopsis for "Virtual Pets, Virtual Heck"Edit

A scientist once determined to use technology to improve the world has created virtual pets. Needing constant "attention" and "care" (provided by pushing the correct sequence of buttons), the pets prove to be very distracting to Bart Allen's class, including his friend, Carol Bucklen. However, the scientist who created the pets unwittingly endowed them with his disillusionment over the state of the modern world. Upset at the lack of futuristic technology — moving sidewalks, flying cars, food pills, etc. — the pets come to life as energy creatures and begin to rampage. To stop them, Bart must work his way up the company's supply chain to find the virtual pets' creator, Herbert Jameson.


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