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The recently mutated villain known as Blockbuster arrives in the town of Manchester, Alabama, and sets about wreaking as much havoc as possible. He assigns his personal henchmen, the Jerky Boys, to detonate a bomb secured to a blimp passing over Warrior Stadium. The bomb explodes and the crowd erupts into a panic. Impulse races onto the scene, and saves as many people as possible.

From afar, Blockbuster watches everything on a monitor screen from an office sanctuary. He predicted that Impulse would show up, and decides to establish his first official criminal foothold in Manchester by taking down the city's resident hero.

Impulse encounters Blockbuster in the middle of a bustling highway in the city's downtown district. Blockbuster's men open fire on nearby pedestrians, but Impulse uses his super speed to catch all the bullets. Blockbuster then slams a bus into the young hero, and, believing him to be dead, retires to his sanctuary. But Impulse vibrated through the bus unharmed.

Impulse follows Blockbuster back to his headquarters and attacks him directly. Blockbuster flies into a rage and begins tearing through everything in sight. Impulse manipulates Blockbuster into ramming the support struts of the building, causing the entire edifice to come crashing down upon him. Impulse zips away to safety leaving Blockbuster buried beneath a ton of debris.

When he returns home, the beat-up Bart learns from the news that police were unable to find Blockbuster under the rubble. Max Mercury is busy probing the Speed Force through meditation. Bart asks him what he's looking for, and Max refuses to tell him. Suddenly, Max vanishes in mid-conversation.



  • There is a movie house shown in downtown Manchester with a marquis for Batman Forever.
  • A headline on the Manchester Journals says, "Augustyn & Waid: 'Who's the Next?' "

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