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  • Reprinted in Marvel Masterworks: Warlock # 1
  • The New Man Porcunis is named Porcupinus in this Issue
  • In referrence to Warlock Vol 1 4 the Trax Affair is mentioned, the Character's Name however is Triax (New Man) (Earth-616) and he was named Trax on the Cover of Warlock # 4
  • One Panel shows Warlock, his New Men and the Hulk having dinner. That Panel resembles Leonardo DaVinci's Painting "The Last Supper"
  • Cobrah in this issue appears to be orange and wearing blue armour with what looks like a moustache, the last issue, he was blue wearing orange armour and had an obvious orange moustache


  • Ben Vincent of the Justice Department figures out that something is not right with President Carter
  • After the Man-Beast captures Warlock he wants to sentence him to Death in a Public Trial therefore once more takes over Rex Carpenter
  • For Days the Man-Beast uses his Mental Powers to influence the Public and finally asks the Citizens wether they want Warlock to live or to die, as they choose Death the Man-Beast, in Carpenter's Body, says "So be it. My Hands are clean" like Pontius Pilate before the Crucifixion, Warlock's Execution also resembles the Crucifixion as he is put on a Cross-Shaped Construct

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