Let us be Warbound. In life and death, the oath that cannot be broken. He was Lavin Skee, protector of Elloe Kaifi and hero of our second trial. We who honor him speak our true names and bind to each other forever. Hiroim the Shamed, shadow warrior and Saka priest.
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Miek. Unhieved, last-one-living.
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No-Name, warrior-prime of Broodworld.
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Korg of Krona, son of O-Korg and Ahna. Brother-killer of Margus.
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Yes, Warbound...whatever may come.
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Appearing in "Planet Hulk: Exile, Part 3 of 4"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Hulk (Appears in flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Planet Hulk: Exile, Part 3 of 4"Edit

Following directly from Hulk #93 the rebel group ask Hulk and the group to join them to which the Hulk replies with a simple 'forget it'. Immediately after this rejection, Imperial Death's Heads storm in and disband the rebels, taking Elloe as she claims to be part of the rebels. Hulk and the rest of the group are ushered back below the deck of the cruiser where Hulk comes face to face with the Red Kings Lieutenant, she has been sent to buy him from his owner but Hulk refuses. The Red Kings motive for wanting Hulk becomes clear when the group enter the Great Arena and are attacked from above by a Deathfire Bomb, an act which was meant to kill them all, the Red King obviously wants Hulk dead. Death's Head Warguards then enter the arena to finish the job but have no more success than the bomb.After the battle the group are in their cell discussing stories of terror and how each situation has only made them stronger. The groups next foe is revealed as the lieutenant checks up on the silver fellow..


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