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Synopsis for "Chthonic Maneuvers"

On the remote planet Thanos has adopted as his home, a doppelganger of him secretly watches as he analyzes strange energy patterns he has detected.  After a probe he sends to investigate is destroyed, he determines the universe is in danger and teleports away to investigate himself. In Manhattan, a monstrous duplicate of Spider-Man watches the hero swing through the city.  Elsewhere, Galactus and his herald Nova find Eternity catatonic as Thanos watches nearby.  On his way home from Las Vegas, Iron Man is ambushed by his evil doppelganger. Thanos traces the energy patterns to an alternate dimension where he finds a vast citadel on an asteroid.  Inside, he discovers the patterns’ source is a massive gem almost as powerful as the Infinity Gauntlet.  In a snowy forest, Wolverine’s doppelganger attacks him.  In Latveria, Dr. Doom detects the energy patterns and decides he must acquire their source.  At Four Freedoms Plaza, a doppelganger attacks Mr. Fantastic in his lab and, after a brief duel, only one is left standing.  In the asteroid citadel, Thanos is found by his doppelganger and the citadel’s builder—the Magus, the evil alternate version of Adam Warlock somehow back from the dead.  On Earth, Wolverine slays his doppelganger, but Iron Man is defeated by his.  When Galactus attempts to trace the energy patterns, he is blocked by magic and concludes he needs the help of Dr. Strange.  In Manhattan, Spider-Man’s doppelganger is impaled on a fence.  Iron Man’s doppelganger morphs into a mass of tentacles, envelops Iron Man, and takes his form.  In his base, the Magus cryptically hints at his plans and debates with Thanos about the pursuit of godhood.  When Thanos moves to confront him, the Magus introduces his doppelgangers of Earth’s superheroes then teleports Thanos back to his native dimension.  On Earth, Mr. Fantastic invites both Avengers teams, the X-Men, the New Warriors, X-Factor, and Alpha Flight to an urgent meeting. In his Greenwich Village home, Dr. Strange is meditating when he is disturbed by a sudden flash of light. Having parsed the energy patterns into five distinct signatures, Dr. Doom realizes he needs help and strikes a deal with the time-traveling despot Kang.  On Monster Island, Mole Man finishes showing Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch around their new home when Thanos arrives seeking their help.



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