Appearing in "No Sex, No Romance, No Hope!"Edit

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Other Characters:

  • Various Seminary Instructors and Students



  • Punchy and Empty Vee's cell phones
  • Punchy's Punching Nun Puppet


Synopsis for "No Sex, No Romance, No Hope!"Edit

Punchy keeps getting unsigned text messages from a secret admirer. He thinks and hopes that it's Destra. In reality, it's acually Empty Vee sending him the texts. While Empty Vee left her phone unattended, Destra sends Punchy a text telling him to arrange a time and location to meet. Punchy arranges for the two to meet in the Library after lights out. When Punchy arrives, he muses on his need to put up a tough front. Empty Vee reveals herself, and Punchy rejects her scornfully. Punchy leaves Empty Vee in the dark library alone and crying.


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