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  • Following this issue, a number of tie-ins are produced exploring the effects of the invasion all across the DC Universe, as the heroes of Earth struggle to fight against the Alien Alliance that threatens their lives and their planet. These are labeled Invasion! First Strike and lead the characters directly into the second issue.


  • The Dominators mention that the Guardians of the Universe designated Earth as the site for the next great evolutionary advancement in the universe, similar to their own. This happened back in Green Lantern (Volume 2) #200.
  • This is the second appearance of Vril Dox, originally introduced as Brainiac 2 back in Superman #167. His character is completely revamped since his first appearance, where he was only shown as a child, see excerpt.
  • Although Medphyll is apparently killed in this issue, he has the ability to transfer his consciousness into other plant-life, and survives the encounter.
  • The Alien Alliance receives a strict warning from Darkseid that they must not destroy Earth, for he has interests there. He is speaking of the Anti-Life Equation. This also justifies why the Alliance does not simply obliterate the Earth from afar.

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The events from this issue or series are related to Invasion!, during which an Alien Alliance led by the hostile super-scientist Dominators invades the Earth in an attempt to exterminate humanity. They wish to eliminate the metagene, for fear that the unpredictable nature of earthlings could destroy them in the future.
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