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Things are grim in Broxton, Oklahoma as the Ghost moves in for the kill -- and the only thing between him and Tony Stark is a shell-shocked Maria Hill and a half-conscious Pepper Potts, fresh out of surgery. And deep in the recesses of Tony's mind, Dr. Strange and Stark get down and dirty with the tyrant king running the show and laying waste to Tony's consciousness. Where are they? What's happening? And why can't Tony remember the Iron Man?


  • "The Bureaucrat" most likely refers to how Tony frequently struggles with bureaucracy when trying to get anything done, as both Tony Stark and Iron Man, making bureaucracy one of his greatest enemies. In Iron Man #208, he even groups them with madmen and tyrants as the sort of people he hopes humanity can one day leave behind.
  • This issue is reprinted in Invincible Iron Man: Stark Disassembled.


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