Quote1 The Mandarin, I presume? Your hospitality leaves a lot to be desired. Quote2
-- Iron Man

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A man who will one day come to be known as the Mandarin scales the peaks in the Valley of Spirits. He discovers the ruins of a derelict space craft and recovers ten ornate rings - all of which enable him to wield great power. Feeling as if it is his destiny to wield such tools, the Mandarin begins establishing his power base in Communist China.

Decades later
Stark Industries CEO Tony Stark is called into a special S.H.I.E.L.D. conference. They want his "bodyguard" Iron Man to perform a deep cover reconnaissance mission in China. When he asks why, they tell him that a Chinese warlord has been exerting undue influence over the political climate and they want Iron Man to assess the threat level.

At his castle, the Mandarin has a meeting with a group of Chinese nationals. They want him to use his power and influence for the benefit of the state, but the Mandarin feels that he is beyond such pedestrian matters. They attempt to force him to comply, but the Mandarin responds by destroying them with the power of his rings.

Later, a S.H.I.E.L.D. dropship deposits Iron Man over mainland China. He flies to the Mandarin's castle and navigates through a gauntlet of security devices. The Mandarin secretly monitors the display from his private chambers and decides that this Iron Man represents the antithesis of everything that he stands against. Donning his ceremonial cloak and helmet, the Mandarin readies himself for battle. Upon meeting for the first time, the two combatants charge at one another.


  • Information provided in issue #2 establishes that the events of this series take place in the month of April.


  • This issue establishes that the Mandarin first discovered his Makluan power rings in 1954.

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