Quote1.png Nothing to be afraid of. Nobody's ever done anything like it. But this is the next thing. Human 2.0. The old version doesn't cut it anymore. Quote2.png
-- Tony Stark

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  • Dr. Serrano


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Synopsis for the 1st StoryEdit

Tony had a heart attack and several hours later, he was in the intensive care unit hooked up to a mechanical device until he could get a transplant. Tony didn't want a transplant but decided to build his own heart. The next day, he had the new heart transplanted and he felt great. He started to build a new arm and dedicate himself to rebuild himself better and stronger.

He isolated himself from everyone and locked everyone out except for a technician. The technician discovered some Iron Man armor that was moving by itself. Then, he got killed and ended on a slab with a robotic version of Tony in his Iron Man armor standing over him.


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