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Wong-Chu has Stark and the sons of Yinsen tortured, and has Sun-Tao branded with Wong-Chu's ownership mark. Stark learns that Yinsen is still alive, and that Wong-Chu has him. Everyone is brought outside to be executed, but Stark uses a cloaking card and his robotic heart to turn invisible and escape. While the chained sons of Yinsen hold off Wong-Chu's men, Stark retrieves his armor and signals the Iron Men drones to attack the camp. Iron Man attacks and overpowers Wong-Chu, while the sons of Yinsen storm his concrete bunker to find Yinsen, but one of them dies in a booby trap. Wong-Chu is killed by one of the Sons and Iron Man passes out. Stark wakes up in New Timbetpal to find Sun-Tao has recharged his heart, and is led to a statue of Yinsen holding a jar containing Yinsen's brain. Stark is surprised. Sun-Tao explains that the "great salvager" only saved that part, but Yinsen's brain is still alive. The Sons thank Stark for his help and Iron Man leaves.


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