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  • Axonn-Karr appears in a cameo flashback only. It is his corpse that the Mandarin steps past to first acquire the rings of power.
  • The reference to Ho Yinsen's death being faked was revealed in Iron Man (Volume 1) #268. This establishes that the origin of the Mandarin took place only a few short months prior to Tony Stark's ill-fated trip to Southeast Asia.
  • It is never stated whether or not Fin Fang Foom ever took on a human guise. As far as it is known, Fin Fang Foom spent the bulk of his life on Earth slumbering in a cave in the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon. It has been indicated earlier, that Fin Fang Foom is still a child by Makluan standards, forcing the question, why would the Makluan explorers bring a child along with them?
  • This issue's "guest artist", Mark Bright was Iron Man's regular artist only a few years back.
  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback The Dragon Seed Saga.


  • One of this editor's favorite quotes from Jim Rhodes pertaining to Chen Hsu's narrative on the history of the Kakarantharaians,
    • "That's some story short stuff. You'll forgive me if I don't just buy into all that at once though."

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