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Synopsis for "Now Strikes the Cyborg Sinister"Edit

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  • In this issue:
  • Tony Stark breaks his engagement with Marianne Rodgers. It is undetermined if she left his engagement ring with his sercretary as Stark instructed.
  • An autographed picture of Captain America is seen on Tony Stark's office wall.
  • The Super-Adaptoid is re-tooled into the "Cyborg Sinister" this issue, but he will soon morph back into his more familar form.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock it to Shell-Head". Letters are published from: Gary Pensiero, James Milton, Gary S. Mann, and Jeses Clough.


  • In this issue Stark Industries launches a rocket into outer space from Long Island. Normally, such space rockets have been lauched from Cape Kennedy or more remote locales.

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