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  • Peter Kirby (First appearance)


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  • Tommy Monaghan and Superman were previously acquainted in Hitman #34. In the aforementioned issue, Superman wasn't aware of Tommy's profession until this very issue.
  • Tommy Monaghan's acquaintance with Green Lantern occur in the "Local Heroes" story arc (Hitman #9-11).


  • Garth Ennis makes a meta-fictional jab at the "Bloodlines" crossover that was published in 1993, which introduced Hitman, during a discussion between Green Lantern and Flash. The latter expresses annoyance at the high casualty rates of the "New Bloods" characters that were killed off in later comic book appearances and state that most of them are incompetent. Green Lantern sums up that "Those guys are lame. I mean, they are really lame."

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