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  • On page 19, Aquaman picks up a point originally raised by the Martian Manhunter in the previous issue, namely the fact that J'Onn once used to maintain his own dossiers on his then teammates (including Aquaman), referring to the revelation at the end of JLA: Year One #8 (co-written by Mark Waid). Aquaman's follow-up point is ever-so-slightly inaccurate, insofar as J'Onn's dossiers on the other JLA members were the only ones not to fall in the wrong hands, as the Leaguers promptly secured the files about themselves upon discovering them... however, the files on all the other superheroes J'Onn had also been maintaining did indeed fall in the hands of the Appellaxians, who promptly used them to capture those heroes (as seen in JLA: Year One #12), so Aquaman's point still stands.


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