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  • Power Girl's Symbioship (Appears in flashback and main story)


Synopsis for "Power Trip (Part I of IV)"Edit

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  • This issue was published with an alternate cover (1:1 ratio), illustrated by Adam Hughes.
  • Includes a flashback of the earliest chronological appearance of the modernized Power Girl.
  • Power Girl appeared last in JSA #67.
  • This issue builds upon sub-plots that have been developing over the past year in respective issues of JSA.
  • Events from the Power Trip storyline tangently lead into the upcoming Infinite Crisis event.
  • The members of the Legion of Super-Heroes that appear in this issue, are not the real Legionaires. They will be revealed as doppelgangers in issue #2.


  • This storyline seeks to revamp Power Girl's Post-Crisis origin as originally supplied in Secret Origins (Volume 2) #11. In Post-Crisis continuity, Power Girl was the grand-daughter of Arion the Immortal, a sorcerer of pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis. Arion placed Power Girl in suspended animation so that she might not fall victim to his evil brother, Garn Daanuth. Arion placed a spell upon her, wherein when she awakened in the 20th century, she would have a set of false memories, and believe herself to be the cousin of Superman.
  • After the Crisis On Infinite Earths limited series, Power Girl's continuity was absorbed into the modern Earth. As such, it was required to alter her origin so as to maintain the idea that Kal-El was the only person to survive Krypton's destruction.
  • This issue establishes that Power Girl spent nine years in outer space.

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