Quote1 I think we've all got people we want to make proud of us. It's one of the things that keeps us headed in the right direction... Quote2
-- Whistling Skull

Appearing in "The Big Dirt Nap, Chapter Four"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Ringmaster
  • Boneles / The Boneless
  • Taschen / The Pocket
  • Die Herde / Der Flock
  • Serpentin / Serpentina
  • The Strongman

Other Characters:

  • Tex
  • Brooklyn
  • Jan
  • Michael Keene
  • Judith Lightwood
  • Mrs. Lightwood
  • Mr. Teagle
  • Johannes
  • Gunter




Synopsis for "The Big Dirt Nap, Chapter Four"Edit

The Whistling Skull and Knuckles are in a chamber of human horrors. They discover that the grisly experiments are still alive and do what they can to help them. They also find evidence to the man behind this - Nazi scientist Hauptman Klaus Hellman. After a quick meeting with Johannes and a few other men, the Whistling Skull and Knuckles head out to find Hellman. The duo encounter the wagon of Der Karneval along the rode - their horse with a broken leg. Whistling Skull assists in putting the creature out of it's misery when Der Karnival decides to attack!


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