Quote1 Don't ever apologize for a bit of fear. Quote2
-- Whistling Skull

Appearing in "The Big Dirt Nap, Chapter Five"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Der Karneval
  • Ringmaster
  • Boneles / The Boneless
  • Die Herde / Der Flock
  • Serpentin / Serpentina
  • Taschen / The Pocket
  • The Strongman

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Big Dirt Nap, Chapter Five"Edit

Whistling Skull has been stabbed by The Pocket. Knuckles, under duress from the rest of Der Karneval, fights his way to grab Whistling Skull and take him to the Battlewagon. Knuckles takes off but is distracted by a boar crossing in front of him and crashes the Battlewagon. Knuckles picks-up Whistling Skull and proceeds to Johannes' house on foot. Meanwhile, in Japan, Mr. Nash plan to recover a coffin is thwarted.

Whistling Skull and Knuckles make it back to Johannes' house and are patched up by a doctor. With a loaner van from Johannes, the Whistling Skull and Knuckles go back out in search of Hellman and his gang. Whistling Skull reports in to Mr. Teagle and is told to wrap things up quick because he may be needed elsewhere. Teagle is concerned that Nash did not call in and suspects that this may be related to the previous Whistling Skull still being alive!

Per a discussion with Whistling Skull, Johannes asks the townspeople to help out by searching for signs of Hellman. They hear a scream outside and move out to find a monster trying to grab a young girl. The mob starts to attack the monster and Johannes tries to stop them. This is no monster - it is Johannes' brother Viktor!


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