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  • The Dark Lord is revealed as Mordru for the first time in this issue. Mordru is typically found in the 30th century fighting the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • Scarab says that he has only recently returned to action. This return is explained in greater detail in the Scarab limited series.


  • The Ankh symbolizes Life in Egyptian mythology. Ironically, the symbol has also become synonymous with the character, Death, of the Endless.
  • Starman makes reference to the film Don't Look Now in this issue. Don't Look Now was released in 1973 and starred Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. Its significance to this issue is that it takes place in Venice, Italy.
  • Jack later says that the Flash "makes like Heston". This is a reference to the Flash using his super-speed to part the waters of the Venice canal, similar to what actor Charlton Heston did to the Red Sea when he played Moses in The Ten Commandments.
  • There is a color-tinted photograph in the Dodds' estate trophy room showing the original Justice Society. This photo is based on the cover to All-Star Comics (Volume 1) #3, the first appearance of the assembled Justice Society of America.

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