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Jack Burnley

Real Name
Hardin Burnley

Job Titles
Penciler; Inker; Cover ARtist


Date of Birth
January 11, 1911

Date of Death
December 19, 2006

Place of Birth
New York City, New York, United States of America


First publication

Personal History

Personal History of Jack Burnley is unknown.

Professional History

1925-1929: Art assistance at King Features Syndicate. 1929-1938: Sports cartoonist at King Features Syndicate. 1938-1948: Sports cartoons for King Comics. 1939: 1st comic book work for Hillman ("Bullet Bob" in Miracle Comics #4, March 1941). late 1939-1947: covers (about 100) and sports fillers for National; 1st Superman story in Action Comics 28. Superman and Batman work for Action Comics, Batman, Detective Comics, Superman, and World's Finest Comics. 1941-1942: drawing Starman for Adventure Comics #61-80 and Starman sequences in the Justice Society of America stories of All-Star Comics 8-13. 1942-1944: draws Superman daily strip. 1943-1946: draws Batman daily strips and Sunday pages. 1947-1951: Cartoon work for the Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph. 1951-1976: Cartoon work for the San Francisco News, later the San Francisco Examiner until his retirement in January, 1976.


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