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State of Japan

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State of Japan
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日本国, Nihon-koku, Nippon-koku; Land of the Rising Sun

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Harvey2.jpg Galaxy
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377,873 km² (145,883 sq mi)
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126,659,683 (2012 estimate)
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The following is a bulleted list of historical events that took place in Japan in the DC Universe.

  • In the 1940s, PT boat commander Captain Storm fought up against Japanese naval vessels in the Sea of Japan, and the outlying Pacific region.[1]
  • Master Koroshi became the undisputed master of empty hand fighting in Tokyo, Japan. After functioning in this capacity for over twenty years, Koroshi was ultimately murdered by King Snake.[2]
  • The revived Justice Society of America fought the Injustice Gang of the World in Tokyo, Japan. During the battle, the Fiddler used his special violin to hypnotize Wildcat into attacking Hawkman.[3]
  • During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Monitor took esteemed astronomer Doctor Kimiyo Hoshi and transformed her into the new Doctor Light.[4]
  • The Spectre fought with Superman in Japan over control of the Spear of Destiny.[5]
  • Aquaman declared war on Japan upon learning that they had been harboring a hunter named Demon Gate - the man responsible for killing Aquaman's adoptive mother, Porm.[6]
  • The Martian Manhunter defended Japan from the alien Antares probe. This event helped to establish him as Japan's premier hero, the "Jade Warrior".[7]
  • During the global Y2K blackout, Superman flew to Japan and assisted in emergency response operations.[8]
  • Metallo takes advantage of the Toyman's intellect and fashions an enhanced robotic body for himself. He rampages through the streets of Japan until he is stopped by the combined efforts of Superboy and Robin.[9]
  • Superboy and Robin shared in another adventure in Japan, teaming up once again to stop the machinations of the Toyman.[10]
  • Miss Martian defeated a villain known as Gunshot in Tokyo.[11]

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