JaMerik Sigil
JeMerik, showing his unusual nature, in Sigil #9
Publication information
Publisher CrossGen Entertainment
First appearance Sigil
Created by Mark Alessi, Gina M. Villa
In-story information
Alter ego Danik
Species Fully Ascended Atlantean
Team affiliations Bright-Side
Notable aliases JeMerik Meer, Skink
Abilities Ultra High-Level Cosmic Energy Manipulator

JeMerik Meer is a character from CrossGen Entertainment's Sigilverse. He is the guide character in the Sigil comic series. His charge is Sam Rey one of the most powerful Sigil-Bearers. JeMerik appears as a bodyguard for the Sultan of Tanipal. He helps Zanniati (one of the Sultan's wives) escape and leads her to Sam.

Character details

JaMerik is a cheerful, friendly fellow who just seems lucky.

JeMerik, a fragment of Danik, is trying to guide Sam, help him become stronger and more capable. However JeMerik falls in love with Sam's long-time friend Roiya and saves her from death. At first he merges Roija into Sam's ship and she only appears as a hologram. However, as time goes on, JeMerik gives Roiya more physical form.

JeMerik has a long-term plan for Sam and it involves him both fathering the future as well as collecting the other Sigil-bearers under his command.

With the CrossGen bankruptcy, JeMerik's final fate was left unfinished.

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