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Jeremiah (comics)
Jeremiah: La nuit des rapaces (April 1979)
Created by Hermann Huppen
Formats Original material for the series has been published as a set of graphic novels.
Original language French
Genre Action/adventure
Publication date 1979 – present
Creative team
Writer(s) Hermann Huppen
Creator(s) Hermann Huppen

Jeremiah is a Belgian science fiction comic book series by Hermann Huppen. Jeremiah was created in 1979 for the German magazine Zack, and had a premiere in Sarajevo based Strip art magazine, since the editor of this magazine, Ervin Rustemagic, was also Hermann's manager. It has also been serialized in the French-language Métal Hurlant[1] and Spirou magazine; as well as the Serbian magazines Stripoteka and Politikin Zabavnik. Currently, there are 34 volumes and one "Special Edition" in French and Dutch.


Racial wars have torn the U.S. apart, resulting in a post-apocalyptic world. Many small pockets of civilization still exist; from isolated super high-tech fortresses, hidden research labs, or racial groups in walled-in cities — all fighting each other among the more regular population which in many ways resembles the "old west".

Jeremiah and his friend Kurdy travel the country, taking odd jobs and getting mixed up in various affairs. Jeremiah, being the more noble of the two, often sticks his neck out to help others, while Kurdy is a more wily, opportunistic scoundrel.

Despite its setting, Jeremiah's underlying motif is of hope and the survival of mankind. The storylines carry little from album to album, meaning they can be read individually.


Jeremiah has been translated into 26 languages [2], and has a large fan base in Europe. Tome #25, Et si un jour la Terre, was nominated for the 2005 Angoulême International Comics Festival Prize Awarded by the Audience.

Various attempts to introduce the series to the American market have had middling results, mostly due to the different tastes of the American and European comic book public. The current holder of the English language copyrights is Strip Art Features (SAF). After failing to reach American audiences in the 1980s and 1990s with such publishers as Fantagraphics, Catalan Communications, and Malibu Comics; Jeremiah (and SAF) found success with Dark Horse beginning in the 2000s. In March 2012 Dark Horse Comics began another English language reprint series in collaboration with SAF; three volumes of the Jeremiah Omnibus, collecting tomes 1 to 3, 4 to 6, and 7 to 9 respectively, have been released as of October 2017.

List of titles

Following are the Jeremiah comic albums as named in French, with publication dates.

Tome Number Title Publication date
1 La Nuit des rapaces April 1979
2 Du sable plein les dents Oct. 1979
3 Les Héritiers sauvages Jan. 1980
4 Les Yeux de fer rouge July 1980
5 Un cobaye pour l'éternité May 1981
6 La Secte Feb. 1982
7 Afromerica Sept. 1982
8 Les Eaux de la colère April 1983
9 Un hiver de clown Nov. 1983
10 Boomerang Oct. 1984
11 Delta Oct. 1985
12 Julius et Romea Oct. 1986
13 Strike May 1988
14 Simon est de retour Sept. 1989
15 Alex Sept. 12, 1990
16 La Ligne rouge Oct. 7, 1992
17 Trois motos... ou quatre Feb. 2, 1994
18 Ave Caesar May 31, 1995
19 Zone frontière April 10, 1996
20 Mercenaires Sept. 3, 1997
21 Le Cousin Lindford Oct. 1998
22 Le Fusil dans l'eau Mar. 7, 2001
23 Qui est renard bleu? Mar. 6, 2002
24 Le Dernier Diamant Apr. 2, 2003
25 Et si un jour, la Terre Apr. 2004
26 Un port dans l'ombre? Oct. 2005
27 Elsie et la rue Jan. 2007
28 Esra va très bien Jan. 2008
29 Le petit chat est mort Jan. 2010
30 Fifty-Fifty Feb. 2011
31 Le panier de crabes Jan. 2012
32 Le Caïd Feb. 2013
33 Un gros chien avec une blonde Sept. 2014
34 Jungle City Oct. 2015
35 Kurdy Malloy et Mama Olga Sept. 2017
36 Et Puis Merde Oct. 2018
37 La bête Fall 2019

English language Jeremiah comics

English title Publisher Publication date Translated book Note
The Survivors Vol. 1: Talons of Blood Fantagraphics Aug. 1982 Jeremiah 1: La Nuit des rapaces
The Survivors Vol. 2: The Eyes That Burned Fantagraphics Sept. 1983 Jeremiah 4: Les Yeux de fer rouge
Jeremiah 13: Strike Catalan Communications June 1990 Jeremiah 13: Strike 0-87416-106-1
Jeremiah: Birds of Prey #1–2 Malibu Comics/Adventure Comics Jan. 1991 Jeremiah 1: La Nuit des rapaces
Jeremiah: A Fistful of Sand #1–2 Malibu/Adventure June 1991 Jeremiah 2: Du sable plein les dents
Jeremiah: The Heirs #1–2 Malibu/Adventure Sept. 1991 Jeremiah 3: Les Héritiers Sauvages
Jeremiah: Gun in the Water Strip Art Features/Dark Horse Comics Nov. 2002 Jeremiah 22: Le Fusil dans l'Eau 978-1-56971-827-8
Jeremiah: Mercenaries Strip Art Features/Dark Horse Comics Dec. 2003 Jeremiah 20: Mercenaires 978-1-59396-001-8
Jeremiah Omnibus Vol. 1 Strip Art Features/Dark Horse Comics Mar. 2012 Jeremiah tomes 1–3 978-1-59582-945-0
Jeremiah Omnibus Vol. 2 Strip Art Features/Dark Horse Comics Nov. 2012 Jeremiah tomes 4–6 978-1-61655-085-1
Jeremiah Omnibus Vol. 3 Strip Art Features/Dark Horse Comics Oct. 2013 Jeremiah tomes 7–9 978-1-61655-299-2

Television series

Main article: Jeremiah (TV series)

An American television series, Jeremiah, was produced from 2002–2004. Developed by Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski and executive produced by Straczynski and Sam Egan, the series is loosely based on the Jeremiah comics series. Aside from the names of the two main characters, the general personality of the protagonist, and the post-apocalyptic setting, there are no similarities between the comics and the series.

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