thumb| Jet-Ace Logan, originally drawn by John Gillat, was a science fiction adventure strip which originally appeared in the comet (1956–1959) and then in Tiger (1959–1968) as well as issues of Thriller Picture Library and the 1963, 1969 and 1972 Tiger Annuals, as well as being reprinted in the first Star-Lord Annual. Other artists who worked on the strip included Brian Lewis, Ron Turner, Geoff Campion, Kurt Caesar and Solano Lopez, while writers included Frank Pepper, David Motton and Ken Bulmer.

The strip revolved around the adventures of RAF space pilot (!) Jim "Jet-Ace" Logan and (in the majority of stories, though not the first few) his co-pilot "Plum-Duff" Charteris, who have outlandish adventures in a time roughly 100 years from the time they were written in. Jet-Ace himself is often depicted as a rather more comedic figure than most of his fellow space heroes of the time, though he is still very much in the same mould as Dan Dare or Captain Condor in other ways.

Michael Butterworth created Jet-Ace Logan and he scripted the very first adventure.   This was drawn by Geoff Campion.  All subsequent adventures that appeared in Comet were scripted by David Motton and were drawn by John Gillat.  David Motton also wrote some adventures for Thriller Picture Library, namely 'Times Five', 'Seven Went To Sirius', 'Ten Days To Doom', etc. Category:Adventure strips Category:IPC Adventure strips Category:IPC Characters Category:Characters Category:Star-Lord Category:Tiger Strips Category:Tiger Characters Category:John Gillat/Creator Category:Frank Pepper/Creator

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