Cover of Jigsaw #1
Publication information
Publisher Harvey Comics
First appearance Jigsaw #1 (September 1966)
Created by Joe Simon
In-story information
Notable aliases Man of a Thousand Parts
Abilities Disconnecting and extending body parts. Enhanced strength.

Jigsaw was a Joe Simon-created character and two-issue comic series published by Harvey Comics from September to December 1966.

Developed for Harvey's short-lived superhero line, Harvey Thriller, Jigsaw was the disconnectable "Man of a Thousand Parts". The feature was drawn by Tony Tallarico, with the writing generally, if unconfirmably, credited to Otto Binder. The backup features were "Super Luck" in issue #1 (artist unknown) and "The Man From SRAM" (art by Golden Age veteran Carl Pfeufer) in #2. The first issue also featured an anthological science fiction story drawn by EC Comics great Reed Crandall. Work for a third issue may exist.

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