Joe Hercules (Earth-X)

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Migrant Laborer
High School Graduate
"He didn't come from another planet… he wasn't made by a mad scientist or by some other fantastic manner… he's a real American youth, born in the north woods, imbued with the greatest strength mortal man ever possessed." And his name really is "Joe Hercules," his late mom was Mrs. Hercules, and for no apparent reason, he's superhumanly strong.
Place of Birth
Maryville, in the northern Midwest
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Quote1 A little playful shooting I can understand ... but tossing axes around is not ethical! Quote2
-- Joe Hercules src 

When Midwestern State Fair strongman, and aspiring collegian, Joe Hercules came home from a season with the carnival, somewhere in the northern Midwest, he found his mother dead of a heart attack, which he believed to have been caused by unscrupulous mortgage lender J. Willistone Jyppe. Joe rushed out to New York City to confront the purported killer, the boss of a crooked mortgage company. But Joe's enthusiastic beating-up of a roomful of security goons landed him in jail, where his cellmate (Pete Birch) showed him a Doll Man comic book, and encouraged him to put on a costume and become a superhero. So Joe dug through a foot-thick masonry jailhouse wall, and next was seen (in a costume that seemed to be based on Doll Man's outfit) at the office of Jyppe. Young Joe Hercules tossed him across the room, rooted through his desk, and ripped open his safe, finding a ton of incriminating evidence; J.W.J. meantime decamped via a secret panel. Young Mr. Hercules soon found the panel and pursued, to a basement, where another roomful of thugs ambushed him, and got themselves tossed about and beaten down, and hauled off to the police station. The cops were all set to bust Joe, which would have worked out badly for all concerned, but cellmate Pete just happened to be in the room, and talked Joe into not busting loose again, plus he got him a lawyer, and Joe settled down to work things out in a legal way. Soon winning his freedom, Joe Hercules wandered the American countryside, working at odd jobs and helping out a wide variety of people with a wide variety of problems.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Bulletproof. Once survived a dose of cyanide gas.

Strength level

Unbelievably strong. He could toss an elephant across a circus lot.


He was a little bit gullible and impulsive.



Usually arrived on foot and left on foot.


Disdained them.



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