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Origin and Mutant Town

John Zander's dream was to be a rapper, but he wasn't very good at. While in "Mutant Town" Jazz was a drug runner for one of the crimelords of the area, selling Toad Juice, a drug made from the secretions of a mutant called Toad Boy, for the count.[1]

Post M-Day and Death

After M-Day he was one of the few mutants to retain his powers, and was forcibly relocated to the mutant camp for the 198 on the estate of the X-Mansion.[2]

During a trip to Salem Center, Jazz attempted to purchase drugs, which he hoped to sell to his fellow detainees. He was killed by fellow mutant and tentmate, Johnny Dee[3] by a miniature voodoo doll Johnny made from a DNA sample.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Jazz had seemingly no powers. His mutation consisted only in his blue skin.


Mediocre rapping skills.


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