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Guns of Vengeance is a Jonah Hex storyline written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti. Their Jonah Hex volume is primarily told through short stories, so the tales are a collection of adventures with no direct connection to each other. It was published after Face Full of Violence, and followed by Origins.


Jonah Hex is present at the wedding of a Sheriff he knows when the party is massacred by an outlaw who's in love with the bride. He avenges the man's death and tries to retrieve their wedding present, a magnificent rifle. The town has since been taken over by murderous oil barons, but Hex slaughters them all to get it back. He returns to the widow, but she has taken her own life.[1]

He is forced to protect a small town from bedroll killers when an old friend arrives and says that he is being hunted down. Upon closer examination, Jonah realizes that they are German immigrants and determines that his friend raped and murdered a young girl. They hang the man from the neck until dead.[2]

When a young girl is killed by an outlaw's stray gunfire during one of his shootouts, the mother swears revenge against Jonah. She spends four years learning to shoot and tracks him down, then seduces him. To betray him, she sells the right to kill to several other outlaws and they carry him away into the sunset. It's revealed that Hex hired the men and paid their money so she could have closure on the death of her daughter.[3]

His services are hired by a dying black man who claims that his family was murdered by an inbred swamp family. Hex investigates and finds that they've been feeding lost travelers to their pet alligators for years. To rescue the man's white wife from being their rape slave, he kills all of them and burns their house to the ground.[4]

Some carnival freaks attempt to lynch Hex for killing their manager, but he is rescued by El Diablo. Hex and Diablo ride out together against the freaks, but discover that a criminal gang has slaughtered most of them because their boss is no longer paying them off. Together they protect the remaining freaks, and Diablo stops Hex from murdering them anyway out of revenge.[5]

In the winter, he meets a starving group of Mormons who are being killed off by the local General Store owner. The villain has placed bounties on the heads of every man, woman and child in their camp. Hex attempts to buy supplies for them, and ends up leading the rest of the bounty hunters into an ambush where they're all massacred. He gains the deed to the local property, and leaves it to be taken care of by the Mormons after he kills the store owner.[6]


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