Quote1 You said it yourself, Jonah, and I quote, “Lord only knows how an ornery cuss like me ever managed tuh live tuh be sixty-six years old.” Quote2
-- Jeb Turnbull

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  • Unnamed Child
  • Unnamed Native American




Synopsis for "Weird Western"Edit

An aging Jonah Hex is shot and killed by George Barrow, a man who sought revenge. As he lays there dying, he sees a vision of Jeb Turnbull, who sends him onto as tour of his life…. Only it turns out, this was all just a vision of the future, after he had been shot by the Barrow Gang. Partially recovered, Jonah rides off, figuring he’ll catch up with the Barrow Gang eventually.


  • From solicitation: For a man like Jonah Hex, death is a constant presence – always looming, always ready to strike. But how and when will it come for Hex? Find out here, as guest artist Ryan Sook illustrates a very unusual HEX tale, one we could only call "Weird Western."
  • The adventures of Jonah Hex continue next in All-Star Western (Volume 3).


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