Jonathon Dalton
Jonathon Dalton at Stumptown Comics Fest 2009.jpg

Dalton at Stumptown Comics Fest, 2009
Born September 16, 1977 (1977-09-16) (age 43)
Occupation Comic writer, Illustrator, elementary teacher
Nationality Canadian
Period 1997–present
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, speculative fiction
Notable award(s) 2010 Xeric Award


Jonathon Dalton (born September 16, 1977) is a Canadian artist specializing in comics and webcomics. He was described by the National Post as one of Canada's "most under-appreciated comic artists working today".[1][2]


Dalton was inspired to create comics at an early age. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria.

In 2003 Dalton began writing his now-weekly science fiction webcomic A Mad Tea-Party.[3] He teaches Elementary school in the town of Mission on the outskirts of Vancouver.[4] He is the director of communications and co-founder of the Vancouver-based comics society entitled Cloudscape Comics.[5]


In 2010 Dalton won the Xeric Grant for his book Lords of Death and Life.[6] Lords of Death and Life was also nominated for Outstanding Environment Design in the 2007 Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards. The following year, in 2008, he was presented with the award for Outstanding Long Form Comic. Dalton's work has been published in Cloudscape anthologies[7] and the 2008 Fablewood anthology from Ape Entertainment.[8] His 2009 short story "Lil' Ulysses in Chicago" was listed as a Notable Comic in the 2010 edition of Best American Comics.[9][10]


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