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  • a ship
  • a Soviet plane
  • a commercial airplane

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  • Synopsis not yet written.

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Synopsis for "The Man on the Endless Stairway"Edit

A criminal breaks out of a jail cell and steals a car. When he runs out of gas, he finds himself outside of an old folks home, which he plans to rob. During the holdup, a police car pulls up, and he runs up a staircase to hide. After climbing for minutes he can see no top, and there is swirling mist that obscures his view. He thinks the police must have left by now and so he starts back down. It takes even longer to descend to the bottom than the amount of time he spent climbing and he begins to smell smoke. It starts to feel warm and he wonders if there's a fire. In truth, the flames of hell await him at the bottom of the stairs.


  • Curiously, the Thor story opens with the revelation that five scientists have gone missing, but when Thor finds them, there are only four. No one mentions the missing fifth scientist.
  • Colonel Harrison appears again in Iron Man: The Iron Age #2 and the Conspiracy limited series.
  • Don Blake is seen smoking a pipe.
  • The Thor story is reprinted in Essential Thor 1, Marvel Masterworks: Mighty Thor 1, Marvel Tales Annual 5


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