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Appearing in "The Mysterious Radio-Active Man!"

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Synopsis for "The Mysterious Radio-Active Man!"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "The Man Who Wouldn't Die!"

Synopsis for "The Man Who Wouldn't Die!"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "I Saw a Martian"

Synopsis for "I Saw a Martian"

A distraught man walks into a police station with photographs of space aliens and tries to convince the officers on duty he has witnessed the landing of a spaceship. They listen to him for awhile but then threaten to toss him out. "But what about my photos?", he says, and the cop replies "I've seen better pictures in my son's monster mags." "Nothing like that could have come in without being detected on radar." the other policeman states. "But what if it came in too low to be picked up on radar?" "We've got work to do. Are you going to leave or do we have to toss you out?" The "man" leaves, and after discarding his human-like mask, radios his superiors waiting in the armada stationed in orbit "You may descend and infiltrate when ready. Even if a human does detect you, he will not be believed until our agents have taken their places and it will be too late."


  • Thor nukes China with the Radioactive Man. This has never been addressed following the publication of this issue.
  • The Thor story is reprinted in Essential Thor 1, Marvel Masterworks: Mighty Thor 1

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