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Thousands of years ago, the brutal Tut-Amm-Tut sacks the lands of the neighboring peaceful King Ammen. His army defeated, King Ammen thinks to himself "I must flee but I shall never surrender." He attempts to rally the neighboring peoples to his side and Tut-Amm-Tut begins to worry that Ammen's army is becoming larger than his and so he prepares the secret of the "deep sleep" surrounded by treasure and sealed in crypt for thousands of years. In the modern day, an explorer finds the crypt of Tut-Amm-Tut and triggers a release mechanism that brings Tut-Amm-Tut out of his suspended animation. As a reward, he thinks he will slay the fool who has awakened him, but he is shocked when King Ammen steps into the light and states "I, too, knew the secret of the deep sleep." King Ammen then lunges at Tut-Amm-Tut to extract his long-delayed revenge.

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  • Sequence 1 The Demon Duplicators! plot by Lee, script by Bernstein (credited as R. Berns).
  • The Thor story is reprinted in Essential Thor 1, Marvel Masterworks: Mighty Thor 1


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