Judgment Day
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Publication information
Publisher Awesome Comics
Format Mini-series
Genre Superhero
Publication date June 1997 - October 1997
Number of issues 3
Creative team
Writer(s) Alan Moore
Penciller(s) Keith Giffen
Gil Kane
Rob Liefeld
Stephen Platt
Collected editions
Judgment Day ISBN 0-9741664-5-6

Judgment Day was a limited series published by Awesome Comics from June to October 1997 written by comic book writer Alan Moore. This story delved into the Awesome Comics universe of characters created by Rob Liefeld, including Supreme, Youngblood and Glory.

Publication history

The limited series comprised Judgment Day Alpha (#1), Judgment Day Omega (#2), Final Judgment (#3), and Aftermath.


The story deals with one member of the superpowered team Youngblood found murdered and the trial of one of her teammates for the crime. However, the accused has been framed by the real killer, another teammate whose motives stem from a mysterious book capable of warping reality itself.

The series deals with a metacommentary of the notion of retcons to super-hero histories as Alan Moore himself creates a new backstory for the characters of Awesome Comics, to replace the shared universe they left when Rob Liefeld left Image several years earlier.

Collected editions

The limited series was later collected as a trade paperback by Checker Book Publishing Group in 2003 (150 pages, ISBN 0-9741664-5-6).



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