Just Dogs
Silly Symphonies series
Directed by Burt Gillett
Produced by Walt Disney
Voices by Pinto Colvig
Music by Bert Lewis
Animation by David Hand
Fred Moore
Harry Reeves
Studio Walt Disney Productions
Distributed by United Artists
Release date(s) July 30, 1932
Color process Black and White
Running time 7 min
Country United States
Language English
Preceded by Mickey in Arabia
Followed by Mickey's Nightmare

Just Dogs is a 1932 Silly Symphonies animated film, directed by Burt Gillett. It marked the first solo appearance of Pluto.


Pluto's cage-mate at the dog pound breaks out and lets all the other dogs out as well. In the park, the dog who helped Pluto earlier keeps following him too closely for Pluto's tastes, until he digs up a huge bone and gives it to Pluto (who doesn't particularly want to share). But soon all the other escaped dogs are chasing after the bone.

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